Blanket Warranty

Therapeutic Weighted Blankets One Year Limited Warranty

1)     This limited warranty begins the day that your weighted blanket is received by the customer for a period of one calendar years from the date of purchase.

2)     This limited warranty covers blankets that have lost poly pellets due to the failure of seam stitching. We will not cover lost or stolen blankets; we will not cover shredded or cut blankets.

3)     If a blanket is determined to be missing poly pellets due to the failure of seam stitching, we will replace the original weight of the poly pellets and restitch the seam. We will not make a new blanket for the customer. We will not replace the weighted blanket or refund the purchase price for a blanket. This limited warranty is only related to the weighted blanket purchased by the customer. All other claims are null and void.

4)     The limited one-year warranty does not cover the cost of returning the blanket for repair, however, Therapeutic Weighted Blankets will bear the cost of returning any blanket repaired due only to a failure of the seam stitching that results in the loss of poly pellets.

5)     Our limited warranty covers the Therapeutic Weighted Blankets purchase at our home office in Tinley Park, IL. All blanket warranties will be fulfilled in Tinley Park, IL

6)     The Therapeutic Weighted Blanket warranty does not cover shipping costs, these costs are assumed by the purchaser. Please submit a pre-shipping label in the box with your blanket that we will be repairing so that we can ship it back to you after we repair the blanket.

7)     All limited warranties for Therapeutic Weighted Blankets are limited to our products only and are only related to the product purchased. They do not cover any other weighted blanket product.